About us

Our Vision, Ethics & Integrity, Quality, Independence

We are dedicated to improving our customers performance by applying our knowledge of friction management and power transmission to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Customers are at the center of everything we do - and that is reflected in our company's vision and values. While our vision defines our destination, our core values serve as our roadmap, guiding our actions for the benefit of all of our Customers.

Our company founder, Sri.B.MAHESH (m.tech), said "If you have an idea which you think is right, push it to a finish. But above all, don't set your name to anything you will ever have cause to be ashamed of." We continue his tradition today by making ethical business decisions and treating people with honesty and respect.

Quality is the cornerstone of our brand promise and a key to our global competitiveness. SRI THIRUMALA DEVELOPERS are trained in quality processes to ensure that customers, no matter where they are located, receive consistent and excellent quality in our Real Estate Ventures and Development Services.

We believe that independence fosters growth and creativity. Our company remains financially independent, and our associates have the freedom to contribute fresh ideas that improve company and customer performance.


- You wish to know what our custmers say about us.

"We value our customers' feedback and comments about our services. It is a great pleasure to share our satisfied customers' views with you. As we are in the process of updating this page, please bear with us for few days to see our customers' testimonies. Meanwhile, if you would like to send any comments or suggestions, please write to us at: feedback@srithirumaladevelopers.com"

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